Volleyball Season Home Opener Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Volleyball Season Home Opener Tuesday at 7:00 pm

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, the Lady Bucs will tip off their first home match vs. Miles City Community College in Glendive at 7:00 pm.

Head Coach Dina Fritz and her Lady Bucs have had 3-a-day practice sessions for the past two weeks, and are gearing up for the upcoming season.  Coach Fritz on their first home game, “I am very excited to kick off the start of our new season.  I am even more excited that we get to start the season with our in-state rivals, Miles Community College.  Everyone has been working hard over the past few weeks and are ready to get on the floor and start showing the community and league what we have put together.  I hope that everyone comes out and supports the team and helps us start off our season with a bang!”

Freshmen setter Samantha Egan said, “I am really pleased with our team chemistry.  We have literally been going 24/7 with practices, team activities, and scrimmages.  We have such a great connection, and it developed so fast as we had no choice.  The team understands we’re here to win and give each other 110%.  We’re excited to play, and we want to win.  It’s no secret that in our first home match we will be playing our in-state rival, Miles City.  So we want to win big!  We also want to let it be known that bringing back volleyball to Dawson was not a mistake!”

On opening day, DCC is also hosting a free Community BBQ opened to the community of Glendive from 5:00-7:00 pm.  The BBQ will include fun games and activities, free food and other social activities.

The volleyball game vs. MCC will be immediately following the BBQ at 7:00 pm Tuesday.